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29 September 2022


1 October 2022

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Elab Education Expo 2021 - what we have planned!

The Elab Education Expo will be a day-long celebration of studying abroad and planning career paths. This annual event brings together representatives of universities from all over the world, graduates running webinars who have enjoyed successful careers as a result of studying abroad, parents, and, most importantly, young people – those secondary and high school students, who are just beginning to plan their overseas educational adventure. The purpose of the gathering is to familiarise young people with what an overseas education has to offer them. This essential and unique online program includes one to one meetings with University representatives, webinars, motivational speakers, and workshops.

Elab Education Expo 2021 is…

30+ universities and exhibitors
20+ webinars and workshops online
50+ Elab consultants ready to answer any questions
4000 students and parents online

What is waiting for you this year?

Talks about planning your education abroad

Meetings with representatives of universities, high schools and educational organizations from around the world

Planning your education and career path

Wonderful people who often struggle with the same dilemmas as yours

Inspiring and substantive lectures, workshops and discussion panels

General talks about the student’s life abroad

Interactive game with prizes

Elab Education Expo 2020 - a great online success!

This was the seventh annual Elab Education Expo organised by Elab, but our first one online due to lockdown. This format allowed visitors to take part from the comfort of their homes and was a great success!

Have a look at the ElabExpo 2021 gallery and the film below to get a feel of what you can expect this year! For more information about Elab Education Laboratory’s services, and the universities and schools we work with from all over the world visit our website.

See you at ElabExpo2021!

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

I think the quality of the students was very high and I appreciated the fact that most of the students were in their last year of high school.

Buckswood School

Thank you very much for organising such a fantastic fair. We had a great time, got to meet lots of new prospective parents and had the opportunity to get to know ELAB better. It has to be said it was a fantastically organised fair — well done & thank you!


The workshops were great, I really enjoyed the one on Critical Thinking. I feel better about applying to universities abroad because I could talk to people who have real life experiences connected with that.

Royal Russell School

Meeting so many interesting young people eager to develop their education is why we come to Elab Expo. This year was no different.


I would recommend this Expoto literary everyone. You don’t have to be dreaming of studying abroad, this experience will make you want to apply anyway!


Excellent organisation and great people, you have to be there if you are thinking about studying abroad!


I’ve met great people who will help me make my dreams come true. Elab Expo is the best event to find out about where you can study abroad.


Best way to get help with applying to unis in the UK. I’ve always dreamt about studying there but wasn’t sure if I was good enough. At Elab Expo, I could talk to universities’ representatives and get first-hand info about applying and studying there.


I talked to a girl who is now studying at Columbia University, NY. I never thought I could actually study in the USA but I think I’m going to give it a go!


I had a great time and spoke to some really inspiring people. Elab experts also helped me a lot with the application process and I didn’t even know anything before this event! I might come back next year as a volunteer, the atmosphere at the event is fantastic!

Oxford International

Everything was well organised and went smooth. Social event after was really very nice.


I went to the Expo because my friends wanted to go, and I left with a whole plan on how to apply to universities in the USA! Never thought about it before but I can’t wait to go!

ElabExpo2021 — Stay tuned for further updates!

23 October 2021


Welcome to Elab Education Expo 2021

Thomas Ravensdale – Owner & CEO, Elab Education Laboratory


Study in the USA – fulfill your American Dream

Lila Nguyen – Premium Educational Consultant, Elab Poland
Barbara Szukała – Premium Educational Consultant, Elab Poland


Best Universities in Europe

Alberto Bussandri – Premium Educational Consultant, Elab Italy


Study opportunities in the USA, Canada, Australia and Dubai

Navitas Canada


Transformative. Global. Personal

Jessica Silva – International Admission Counselor, John Cabot University


Studies in the USA – American Dream

Elaine Tudda – Premium Educational Consultant, Elab Italy


Best Universities in Europe

Agata Pochwała – Senior Educational Consultant, Elab Poland
Maria Kamińska – Premium Educational Consultant, Elab Poland

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