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Elab Education Expo 2021 - what we have planned!

The Elab Education Expo will be a day-long celebration of studying abroad and planning career paths. This annual event brings together representatives of universities from all over the world, graduates running webinars who have enjoyed successful careers as a result of studying abroad, parents, and, most importantly, young people – those secondary and high school students, who are just beginning to plan their overseas educational adventure. The purpose of the gathering is to familiarise young people with what an overseas education has to offer them. This essential and unique online program includes one to one meetings with University representatives, webinars, motivational speakers, and workshops.

Elab Education Expo 2021 is…

30+ universities and exhibitors
20+ webinars and workshops online
50+ Elab consultants ready to answer any questions
4000 students and parents online

What is waiting for you this year?

Talks about planning your education abroad

Meetings with representatives of universities, high schools and educational organizations from around the world

Planning your education and career path

Wonderful people who often struggle with the same dilemmas as yours

Inspiring and substantive lectures, workshops and discussion panels

General talks about the student’s life abroad

Interactive game with prizes

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